We believe in the mind, body, and soul philosophy.

Hope Restored Treatment Center is an acute medical detox and recovery program housed inside a 44-bed, CMS-accredited acute-care hospital located in the greater Houston, TX area. Our program is truly one of a kind. At Hope Restored Treatment Center, we tailor a specific program for each patient using a variety of medical, and holistic treatment modalities. This not only helps patients detox off of drugs and alcohol, but jump-starts the healing of the body and brain from addiction, and with that comes the promise of a higher potential for success in long term recovery.

holistic treatment

Each patient will receive a comprehensive medical, psychiatric, psycho-social, and wellness evaluation that may include detailed laboratory tests, and brain mapping which details the areas of the brain with dysfunctional electrical signals that may be contributing to certain behaviors. 

medical assisted detox 

We provide patient-specific regimented detox medications to help clear the patient’s system of drugs or alcohol and keep them medically safe during the initial days of detox.


Each patient will be evaluated for non-invasive interventions such as Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or microcurrent neuro-feedback (IASIS) to heal the brain without use of drugs.

optimize body and brain

Treatment using ketamine and low dose naltrexone may also be offered, as well as nutritional, supplementation, and cognitive behavioral strategies to optimize the health and recovery of the brain, mind, and body

Patient Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients say:

I doubt there are any other facilities that provide the level of care as this one does. When the CEO of a hospital takes an interest in your case and is consistently making sure you’re getting the help you need and deserve, that speaks volumes.

Richard McKinsey

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