Rise above the rest

The questions we pose to the industry are as follows: Is it possible for an individual who has been abusing drugs and alcohol, or on a maintenance program such as methadone or suboxone to detox in 5-7 days, when they have been addicted to these substances for years? Is it possible for these same individuals to fully recover from their addictions and find long-term sobriety in the thirty days thereafter?

The answer to these questions is simple — no. It is not medically possible to remove decades of toxins accumulated in the body from drugs and alcohol in 5 to 7 days. The long term use of drugs, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, suboxone, and methadone have physiological consequences on the body that cannot be corrected in a short amount of time. Research shows there is a 90% or higher chance of relapse among individuals who go through the traditional detox and rehab process, proving that this model is ineffective.

Unlike other detox and substance abuse programs that have high admission rates but low long-term success, Hope Restored Treatment Center does not offer a generic philosophy or follow the cookie-cutter approach. Our providers and clinicians, who have decades of experience in addiction and recovery, use evidence-based medical protocols and scientifically-proven holistic treatment modalities to heal the body and brain. We also offer in-house spiritual services for those seeking a connection to a higher power.