During these uncertain times, regarding COVID-19, we want to be sure you continue to get the help and support you need. Be sure to get involved with our online meetings and virtual sessions.

At SE Texas ER & Hospital, we realize how stressful the situation is that this pandemic has been for everyone. We’ve seen a tremendous influx in drug and alcohol relapse due to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and even complacency.

While people are sitting at home, they are still getting alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal) delivered to them. Our detox program, Hope Restored Treatment Center, was named as the most ADVANCED Detox facility in the country. While we understand that it is hard for people to fly in from out of state our doors are open to people in Texas for treatment.

Further, since AA, NA and other recovery groups are closed, we have also partnered with Pocket Rehab so that anyone can attend virtual online meetings and receive the treatment they deserve.

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